Desi Saran - Feb 11, 2020

Why We Decided To Crowdfund Our Investment Round

Sweetberry Crowdfund Investment Campaign

"They said it wouldn't work." 😡

When we founded Sweetberry in 2017, we created a mission to bring healthy food and good vibes to local communities. Since then, we have opened 19 restaurants across 6 states.

We have recently crossed the 2-year mark, and this week we will open our 20th location in Royersford, PA putting us in 7 states.

It has been an uphill climb, with tons of obstacles in the way, but our team has been resilient, keeping our goals in mind.

We have gotten requests from our network and customers to get involved with the Company. Right before we opened our 2nd Equity Raise, we entertained the idea of "Crowdfunding."

We did not know much about it, and we spent 10 weeks putting together a Crowdfund Campaign learning about regulations, marketing, and how the dynamic would affect our Company.

We received feedback such as "it won't work," or "not sure if it's a good idea." We knew that we wanted to give everyone, including our customers, the opportunity to invest and participate in our journey.

We launched the Campaign in early November, and the support has been overwhelming! The majority of supporters have been total strangers that have never even heard of us that believe in our mission.

We knew that crowdfunding was a bit unorthodox for the restaurant industry. We are also a Company that is not afraid to do things differently. I truly believe that mindset, coupled with experimenting leads to innovation and breakthroughs.

We are truly humbled as we continue our journey, and this Campaign has given us more motivation and momentum as we continue to grow. Thank you for all of the support.

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Written by Desi Saran

Founder & CEO of Sweetberry Bowls